Club 13 Review

Club 13 is the former vendor of the kratom community and working for its status since 1999 with the aim of providing link-ups between the kratom cultivators and the harvesters with the consumers of herbal supplements.

From its startup time till now it has achieved its position in the top best online sellers of the kratom industry. This kratom is comings from a kratom enthusiast which is the proof of its accuracy.

Club 13 is not like other vendors who only promote flashy deals and discounts which grabs the attention of the users, instead, it provides the basic long term satisfaction of the user and works more for maintaining the quality.

Club 13 obtain kratom leaves from the former and the most experienced harvesters who take perfect conditions for the quality and the efficiency of kratom.

What different types of kratom Club 13 offers?

There are many kinds of kratom strains that are available in the market for specific needs. Club 13 claims to provide the best and unique varieties of kratom which are popular for their perfect results and beneficial properties.

These standard kratom varieties include the Red Bali Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Indo White Kratom, Maeng Da Green Kratom, Maeng Da red Kratom, Maeng Da White Kratom, and the superior among all is their special blend which is made on the selected choice of kratom which requires a special and unique process of manufacturing.

How particular is Club 13 about their packaging?

For every kratom strain, Club 13 packages their products in a special form in powder strains as well as capsules. The capsule form of Club 13 is higher in price than the powdered form.

The high price of the capsule is due to the extra effort usage for making capsules. To save some money, the best practice is to buy kratom from them in powder form and buy a capsule from amazon and then cap capsules yourself with proper measuring.

How Club 13 ensures high-quality of Kratom?

To assure the customers about the quality, Club 13 tests their products for any contaminations or pesticides because this vendor is aware of the environmental and health hazards.

Some of the vendors who don’t take care of these little approaches, they begin to lose their customers at some point and hence they don’t win the user’s heart and satisfaction.

How a customer can judge its kratom requirements?

Luckily, Club 13 has many descriptions posted on its website which makes it easier for users to choose and maintain their kratom strain.

Kratom powders and kratom capsules in different dosage amounts such as 15 grams, 30 grams, 90 grams, and 150 grams, along with different strengths as regular and extra strength which doesn’t complicate a user in getting their requirements.

Their customer support agent can be easily accessible by just an email which helps out users in finding their strains and figuring out any sort of issue which is experienced during ordering of the process.

People should always start kratom with small steps as taking the dosage in a little amount.