Left coast Kratom Review

There are a lot of vendors selling Kratom online. It has been estimated that after a month or two, a new vendor appears in the market. These unlimited vendors create confusion for the buyers to choose a standard and trusted store. In this race, a new vendor appeared in 2018. This new store is named as Left coast Kratom.

Left coast Kratom:

Left coast Kratom is a very new store in the market. This Kratom vendor was introduced in 2018. Almost 15 different strains of Kratom are available at this vendor. Not only the basic and everyday stresses but many rare and unique strains of Kratom are also accessible here. The familiar strains of Kratom available here include Red Borneo Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom. The unique strains of Kratom available here include Red Kali Kratom and White Sumatra Kratom.


Prices of products at Left coast Kratom:

The amount of products available at this store is rational. They are not selling their products at high rates. The powder form of Kratom is available at $9.55 – $9.99 (per 28 grams).

The Kratom extracts are available at the rate starting from $12.95. This is a plus point about left coast Kratom because commonly the extracts and tinctures are available at very high speeds, but this vendor is offering them at quite reasonable and standard prices.

Accessories available at Left coast Kratom for Kratom lovers:

Left coast Kratom is not only selling the products, but they are also giving some accessories related to Kratom, which attracts several Kratom lovers toward them. The primary and considerable accessories available at left coast Kratom are as follow:

  • Empty capsules:

Empty capsules are available at different sizes and types. The empty capsules are available at $7.95 – $19.95.

  • Capsule machine:

Capsule machine is also available at left coast Kratom. This machine is available at $17.95. Capsule machine helps to fill the empty capsules with Kratom powder.

  • Digital Carat Scale:

This machine available at left coast Kratom is a bit expensive as compared to the other tools. The Digital Carat Scale is available at $29.29.95.

  • American weigh Scales:

Left coast Kratom offers this scale at $24.95. This Device helps to measure the dose of Kratom very accurately.

Discounts and deals at Left coast Kratom:

There is no doubt that discounts and deals attract the buyer and makes them pleased. The buyer gets contented if he gets coupons code, which helps him to get discounts and sales. Left coast Kratom regularly offers discounts. They have a special deal for old customers. They give special discounts to them if they promote their store.


The reputation of Left coast Kratom in the market:

It is already discussed above that this store is new in the market. This is the reason that this vendor has not gained that much popularity in the market yet. But they are trying hard to appear as the well-reputed and accessible store in the market.


Left coast Kratom is highly responsive toward their customers. They do live chats with their customers and make them feel satisfied. We hope that Left coast Kratom will get popularity in the coming months.