Using Kratom to treat Depression

In the present era, every third person is experiencing depression. Depression is a mental illness. In the condition of depression, a person feels sad, tired, headache and usually a person becomes anti-social. Depression is an illness which should be treated as soon as possible because this illness sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts. Kratom is helping its user to treat depression as well. Kratom is proved to be one of the best natural antidepressant herbs. Kratom instantly produces and generate feelings of happiness and well being. It elevates the mood and helps a person to feel active and fresh. Kratom assists a person to relax the mind and stay nonchalant. Therefore, if you are also going through depression then the use of Kratom is not a bad idea!

Best Kratom for depression:

Kratom is further divided into a number of different strains. Each strain possesses different and unique property. If you are going to use Kratom strain for treating depression then the first thing you should be clear about is the best strain for treating depression. Following strain has been proved the best in treating depression.

Green Malay Kratom: Green-veined Kratom native from the region of Malaysia is proved to be the best in treating depression. It elevated your mood and gives you mild feelings of happiness. It will create feelings of well being.

Red Bali Kratom or Red Borneo Kratom:

Red vein Kratom originated either from Bali or Borneo is proved unexcelled and unparalleled in treating depression. It is considered as the most favorable for those who are using it to treat depression. It instantly makes you active, vigor and gives off the feelings of euphoria and happiness.

Dosage of Kratom for treating depression:  

If you are going to treat depression then you should take at least 3 – 4 doses of Kratom in a day. But still, your dose should not exceed the limit of approximately 15 grams. If you are taking 3 – 4 doses of Kratom then there should be at least a gap of 6 – 7 hours in between first dose and second dose. If are you continuously using Kratom to treat your depression from 4 – 5 months then you should start decreasing the quantity of your to 0.5 grams or 0.25 grams daily. This will help you to avoid Kratom tolerance.

  • The ideal dosage for the starters is recommended 2 – 3 grams on a daily basis.
  • For repeated users, it is suggested to take 4 – 7 grams.
  • For specialist, 7 – 10 grams is enough as it is already considered as a high dose.


Kratom will definitely help to treat depression but one thing should keep in mind that you have to treat yourself as well. Depression takes away the peace of mind and nobody can help you until you are willing to take steps for yourself. Do not think that if you have started taking Kratom then you can think negative and stay alone and Kratom will do magic on you. First of all, you have to stop being negative and help Kratom to create good feelings in you.